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My aim as a midwife is to accompany you throughout your pregnancy and the first few weeks that follow the birth of your baby. To do so, I offer you many services which will help make your journey towards motherhood a more relaxed and knowledgeable one.  

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After growing up in France I went to Ireland to undertake my Midwifery studies where I obtained the 'Bachelor of Sciences in Midwifery' in 2011.

Then, I went to New Zealand where I worked for more than two years as a Hospital Midwife in Maternities level 2 and 3.

In 2014, I came back to France to live and work here. Since then, I have worked in some parisian Maternities 1 and 2 and as a private midwife. 

As I learned my trade in English I can offer all my services in both French and English.

I was fortunate enough to experience different midwifery styles and, as I came across different population, I have developed an understanding of various cultures and customs. I will be, therefore, helping you live your experience as close as possible of your wishes in total respect of your culture.  


2011: Bachelor Of Sciences in Midwifery, Limerick, Ireland

2015 : Perineal physiotherapy Course


2016 : Pain management course; Educational day on Foetal and Newborn sensorial development. 


2017 : Foetal Heart Rate Monitoring Course; Clinical examination of the Newborn. 

2018 to now: DIU Acupuncture (2 years course, in progress)

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Antenatal Classes
High Risk pregnancy
Breastfeeding advices
Postnatal Home visites
Perineal physiotherapy

French and English


Justine O'Donoghue
Sophie Prouteau
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Justine O'Donoghue

62 rue des Vignes, 75016 Paris

Téléphone : 0782475799

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Justine O'Donoghue


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