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Antenatal Classes

The antenatal classes take place at the office, in small groups of 3 or 4 mothers-to-be. There are 7 sessions of an hour to bring you to a better understanding of pregnancy, birth and the start of parenthood (For a group class in English, it will depend on the demand).   

These sessions can also be done in an individual (or couple) contexte, at the office or at your home in the language you prefer (English or French). 

One to one prenatal appointment:

I welcome you at the office for a first appointment, with or without your partner, to get acquainted, to talk about the classes that would best suit your wishes and to discuss your birth plan.

Antenatal Classes/Prenatal Classes: 

These sessions can be individual/couple classes or in small group of 3 to 4 mothers-to-be. They last 1h (individual/couple) to 1h15 (group). 

In the case of a group class, your partner is invited to join us for our last session to answer his questions and to emphasize on his role as a partner and a future father, by giving him tools to better support you during the labour, and the birth. 

For the first time mother:

 Cours 1  When to go to the maternity? Pregnancy, and mechanism of labour. 

 Cours 2 The Birth: What to expect? What happens on the day and the following hours?  

 Cours 3 Coping mechanisms and skills: breathing techniques, labour and birth positions, the epidural...  

 Cours 4 The different types of births: Vaginal Birth, spontaneous or instrumental and Cesarean Section  

 Cours 5  Breast or Bottle feeding

 Cours 6 The maternity bag, baby care and adjusting to parenthood.   

 Cours 7   Father's/Partner's class: Their role, their questions and the tools they can use to better support you 

For mothers who are expecting again: 

I also offer a class for women who are already mothers and wish to refresh their knowledge on what to expect and wish to better prepare themselves on how to cope with this new pregnancy, labour and baby.  This will take place over 4 sessions in small group or in one to one. 

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